What started as a team bonding activity during lockdown quickly became a weekly competitive battle between members for first place. Back in April, the England Rifle Team decided to embark on a ‘fun’ Strava challenge titled ’Bisley to Bloemfontein’, where the goal was to cover the distance from Bisley to Bloemfontein. We soon realised that the team was going to complete this quicker than expected given it was lockdown… so we made it harder and added another leg back via Kenya, totalling 17,122.4 miles! Team members miles are totalled every week, with sporting activities ranging from running, walking, cycling and swimming.20 weeks later, the England Rifle Team are still going and have nearly reached Bloemfontein (safe to say we have beaten the Covid Cake effect and our jackets still fit!)To make it an even more worthwhile cause, the team members have selected 2 charities to equally share the proceeds of our fundraising challenge. We have chosen Refuge and The African Girl Foundation. The latter charity was chosen by our counterparts in Kenya and we very much support this cause close to them. Sadly, the tour was postponed until 2022 but that means even more training and miles before the tour, so there is a silver lining! Please check out our page and support all three good causes! #England#LoveToTour


Bisley to Bloemfontein (and Back!)