On this page are links to separate pages for each team member. Each page contains a short biography and a photo.

Andy Barnes – Captain      GB, England, Hertfordshire

Phil Chapman-Sheath – Vice Captain      GB, England, Lincolnshire

Martin Liversage – Adjutant      GB, England, Lancashire

Nigel Ball QM GC SM SC CSM      GB, England, Norfolk

Autumn Burrows**      Lincolnshire

Kit Crabtree**      Middlesex

Henry Day SB      GB, England, Suffolk

Jonathan Ford**      Suffolk

Scott Glanville      England, Hampshire

Paul Holmes      England, Lancashire

Derek Lowe      GB, England, Surrey

Graham Nelson      GB, England, Northumberland & Durham

Jason Pepera-Hibbert**      Lancashire

Lt Col Rupert Riley RA SB      England, Bedfordshire

Tom Rylands SC      GB, England, Cheshire

Tom Smith      England, Warwickshire

Paul Sykes SC     GB, England, Sussex

Lucinda Taylor      England, Lancashire

Richard Webb**      Lancashire

Stuart Young      GB, England, Lancashire

Andy Daw – Travelling Reserve      GB, England, Hertfordshire

Harriet Bramwell – Travelling Reserve      England, Lancashire

Adam Leech – Non-traveling Reserve England, Hampshire

Ellie Hoolahan – Non-traveling Reserve England, Kent

** Denotes new cap