A friend one day took me to the range,
After 6 years of hockey, it was time for a change.
Taught by Clare Jeens as I lay on the floor,
Instilled the belief of not discussing the score.

Not a team but a family did Epsom field,
Successfully winning the Ashburton Shield.
Native to Surrey but I wear the Red Rose,
Not a fan of the rain or when the wind blows.

Travelled with teams all over the globe,
Facing (un)fair remarks on my wardrobe!
Tried to submit my job choices faster,
Alas! I’m still not chosen to be baggage master. 

Shot with and plotted for Queens prize winners,
Next year me? Just keep getting inners!
Canada remains my top range,
First tour to SA. Things could change!

Business Consultant is what I do with my time,
Other than making up poems that rhyme.
When there’s time to spare, I’m on the golf course,
Hacking my way out of heather and gorse.

Excited to venture with Turbo once more,
Countdown starts now. #LovetoTour