With Martin having served as Adjutant for an England touring team to Guyana in 2017 and a GB touring team to Canada in 2018, the Captain thought him suitably qualified to do the same for his England team to South Africa and Kenya. This will be Martin’s first visit to South Africa and Kenya where he expects it to be considerably warmer than his home range on the north west coast of England. He initially picked up a rifle with Preston Marine Cadets many years ago, both shooting and coaching to a respectable degree of success. A break followed with the arrival of his daughters and then in 2008 he joined Altcar Rifle Club, where he can often be found on a bleak Sunday afternoon, winter or summer. His first tour was with an NRA team to the Channel Islands 2014 and he represented England in his first National Match in 2015. Martin is currently in the unenviable position of being honorary secretary for Club, County and Country. Away from the range Martin will occasionally try his hand at unusual travel, including having most recently driven a tuk-tuk through the Indian Himalayas. He is very much looking forward to shooting and socialising with his team and enjoying learning about the ranges at Bloemfontein and Nanyuki.