Nigel is no stranger to South Africa having been on a variety of GB and England teams previously. This will be his first tour to Kenya though for target shooting purposes but he has visited the country before during his Royal Navy career when Mombasa became the off duty port of call during Gulf Patrols on HMS Andromeda.

Usually seen at Bisley with a host of his school pupils avidly following him and breaking rifles he thought that touring was one place to escape however it is not to be. A former pupil has followed his lead and claimed a place on the team but he insists they are a former pupil and not his responsibility, we will see.

Nigel has gained a few Grand Agg, Queens Final and Georges badges in his time but it is team shooting he relishes most. In his opinion there is nothing like a well oiled team that flows and supports each other to perform to the best hence his quest to be on as many teams as possible.

In the scant spare time Nigel has away from school duties and pupils he likes to partake of a gallon or two of red wine and good food and even manages a holiday with his wife at times but not enough in her opinion, she is obviously not a shooter.