Monday 16th

“It Ain’t Half Cold Mum”

Monday arrived. Specifically, Monday rather rudely arrived at around 5am, as (some more) bleary-eyed (than others) team members surfaced in just enough time to dress, eat breakfast, jump on suitcases until they closed and load up the bus at 6am, for departure to the airport shortly after.

By now experts at negotiating airports with rifles & excess baggage, (or at least, experts in dealing with the confusion it creates) the checking in process progressed as expected. This was despite a mildly concussed adjutant, who managed to deliver a hefty blow to his own head against an unexpected head-height unit in the team bus, which took him by surprise having only been present for the preceding nine days of use.

Short hop to Trinidad done and the team had a few hours to fritter away at the airport. This was mostly spent indulging in a spot of lunch and duty-free shopping, though one or two members of the team (names withheld to protect the guilty) also indulged in a few new travel games, such as “find the passport” or “smuggle the snap caps in the hand luggage”. The former was a clear victory with said passport being located, whereas the latter was a definite 1-0 to airport security.

The final leg departing at just before 6pm local time (about 11pm BST and arriving around 9am, the flight was dominated by dinner and sleep. Being rather adept at both of the above, your diarist finds it difficult to report on anything further…

After a delicious and extensive aircraft breakfast, the team set what must have been a new record fastest time for clearing customs with firearms and venturing in (decidedly!) fresh air. Thanks to transport logistician Nigel Stangroom, the coach was ready and waiting and, once quickly loaded, good progress was made back to Bisley. With kit unloaded and rifles secured, members went their own separate ways and homeward, probably for a nice cup of tea.

Message 10 and compliments to the markers.

Saturday 16th October