Dick Web[5540]

Dick began shooting with Haberdashers’ Aske’s School, then earned a smallbore ‘Purple’ at London University. He trained as an Entomologist at Imperial College, but wasn’t sufficiently qualified, so he went to the University of the West Indies in Trinidad to learn about tropical agriculture. He enjoyed it so much that he has had to repeatedly organise shooting trips to the West Indies – half a dozen in all! His work took him to Kenya and Hong Kong for almost 20 years and then, once George Orwell’s magic year of 1984 arrived, he returned to the UK to work for a small insecticide company which then paid for his shooting for the next 20 years.

Dick has become a familiar figure at Bisley, representing Hertfordshire and coaching various teams, having first learned to shoot fullbore and the vagaries of the wind on the warm African plains. His preference for warm climates means that he has shot, coached and managed teams on all continents except the Arctic and Antarctic! He is looking forward to keeping warm and meeting old friends in Trinidad and Guyana.