Itinerary for training and tour:


Date: 13th July to 22nd July – Imperial Meeting at Bisley. We will be fielding two teams of four plus coaches for the opening shot on the morning of 13th July. Results for the team will be posted in our results section as the imperial goes on

Date: 2nd and 3rd September – Training weekend

Date: 22nd September – Corporate day


Date: Wednesday 27th September – Final prep and depart from Bisley

Date: Thursday 28th September – Depart from England and fly to Trinidad

Date: Friday 29th September – Kit check, zero and practice

Date: Saturday 30th September to Monday 2nd October- Short range events at Tucker range

Date: Tuesday 3rd October – Fly to Tobago

Date: Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th October – R and R (Rum and Recuperation) in Tobago

Date: Saturday 7th October – Fly to Guyana

Date: Sunday 8th October – Zero and practice

Date: Monday 9th to Thursday 12th October – West Indies regional champs at Timehri range

Date: Friday 13th October – R and R at Kaieteur Falls

Date: Saturday 14th to Sunday 15th October – Team matches at Timehri range

Date: Monday 16th October – Return home to England

Date: Tuesday 17th October – Arrive back at Bisley

Date: Wednesday 18th October – Post tour blues begin!