Andrew WebAndrew embraced target shooting with huge enthusiasm just as soon as he was deemed old enough to hold a rifle; he’ll admit the source of this early enthusiasm was more about avoiding all forms of ball sports and other physical jerks. “Old” Major Pardoe was an exceptional coach at Marlborough House School and Andrew scored his first possible in a competition aged 11 with a BSA Martini .22”. Andrew persuaded his parents to let him go to Lancing College, mainly because of the 500yd range in the Ladywell Valley behind the school chapel. He had great fun and some successes at Lancing using the No.4 .303”s and even managed to win a .22” rifle in a competition; those were the days! Andrew shot that .22” at university before taking a 35 year sabbatical to go offshore yacht racing.

Andrew returned to the sport in 2008 and was just in time to see Bisley just as it was when he left it in 1973 and before the onset of the recent momentous changes on the camp. After a hesitant start and some cataract surgery he soon found himself captain of his old school team, as well as shooting regularly for Wandsworth Full Bore Rifle Club and his native county, Devon. Andrew is very grateful to Dick for selecting him for this tour; he’s always wanted to visit the Caribbean in a sporting capacity, and finally gets to do this with his rifle rather than in a boat!