Tuesday 10th

“Cloudy, With A Chance Of V-Bulls”

Another hot day broke across Georgetown as the team made their way to breakfast and again headed to the range through the chaotic rush hour traffic, though after the usual early preparation and rifle collection, towering clouds began to form on the horizon and, worryingly, much closer. This did at least provide some respite from the baking sun, which England (and other more temperate visiting teams) did their best to capitalise on. For the opening 7-round shoot at 500yds good scores were aplenty, with over half of the team making 34 and upwards. 35.5 saw Andy Daw win the overall match, with Bruce Winney taking bronze only 1 V behind on 35.4. Falling back to 600yds, a fast moving wind saw the flags making visits to both sides of their poles and straight, level shots taking similar excursions to either side of the bull. Mid 40s were now the order of the day (or at least an hour or so of it), with the exception of Charlie Staples’ 48.5. Following lunch, the second (and final) visit of the Grand Aggregate to 900yds took place and with the wind settling down, the cooling effect of the breeze also dropped off. Even with the cloud still providing protection from the sun, shooters were therefore presented with hot, heavy conditions and though there was some variety in scores, most were in the higher 40s with one 50 from Phil Chapman-Sheath, rather spoiling the overall effect with a solitary V!

By close of play and with two-thirds of the Grand Aggregate complete, Nigel Stangroom still led for England placing 5th overall, being joined in the top-10 by Charlie Staples in 6th place.

After 3 days of shooting, a spot of rifle cleaning & maintenance was called for and as suitable solvents were put into rifles, suitable lubrication was also applied to their operators. Once back at the hotel and with the fine layer of range dust showered off, another trip into Georgetown for dinner was called for, once again assisted by their driver, Trevor and his bus (name still TBC). Andy ‘Turbo’ Barnes excelled himself in finding a local venue with good food of a traditional South American style, where the team watched themselves on the national news whilst dining. On arrival of the bill, a ‘cosmopolitan’ approach to drinks pricing was noticed, the owner having taken a leaf from the book (or at least, price list) of one or two London bars… A hundred thousand (local) dollars lighter, though collectively also a few pounds heavier, the team ventured back for final preparation and a good night’s rest in advance of the final day of “The Grand”.

Tuesday 10th October