Derek is delighted to be touring with two of what he ambitiously considers his contemporaries from RGS Guildford – Jon Underwood, who helped teach him to shoot, and Matt Ensor, who was a lot smaller then than he is now. This tour is Derek’s first representing England, fifth to Africa and sixth at senior international level. It is ten years since he last toured to South Africa – on GB’s Palma team – unless you count popping into Cape Town for lunch in 2004 after the Namibian championships. The “Adj” is very much looking forward to shooting in South Africa again, especially as it will take his mind off organising, which has become an occupational hazard of his driving through the gates of Bisley. Alongside a preference for team shooting, more recently with the Surrey county squad, Derek’s individual wins include the Corporation, Conan Doyle and the Surrey Open Championship. With a bias towards longer range, he debuted for England’s Match Rifle team in 2006’s Elcho and won the Edge in 2007. Derek has lost count of the years since he left Oxford University Rifle Club for investment banking, which is why he is nowhere near the team’s finances. Friends from his church in London have shared Derek’s appreciation of Africa when working with partner organisations in Nairobi, but are still yet to believe that his twin penchants for skiing and rifle shooting do not a biathlete make.