Having recently reached the milestone of his 50th birthday David is now officially ‘Over-The-Hill’. He began shooting before most of the team were even glimmers in their parents’ eyes; and most of what he learned is regrettably no longer even a distant memory. It is believed that in the dim and distant past David had the occasional good shoot and that he was once lucky enough to win HM The Queen’s Prize. David is making his third trip to South Africa, the last being 10 years ago when he was a member of the GB Palma Team as a target coach. On this tour he has the dubious privilege of being the team armourer, dubious since David has no wish to waste valuable drinking/eating time trying to work out which bit goes where. David and his wife Karen are in the process of starting a company smoking food. They specialise in cold-smoked venison (shot by David) and anyone in the vicinity of Bisley is likely to be asked to try the latest batch. Like a celebrity chef, he will be willing to exchange recipes with any Biltong experts to refine his offering.