Andrew is the team’s Vice-Captain. This will be his first overseas tour since 1995 when he was a member of the winning G.B. Palma team, and his first England tour. The senior Lothian family member of the team, Andrew, like so many others, began his shooting career at Epsom College where he was a member of its first ever Ashburton winning VIII. An Atheling in 1973 (thirty three years before his son James), he first met “Webbie” in 1974 when they shot for the UK cadets in the A.G.Bell. Andrew has won the St George’s Silver Cross, the Alexandra, a couple of Grand Aggregate crosses and a handful of Queen’s final badges. He has shot for Surrey for some twenty years and has always considered himself first and foremost a team shot, on and off the ranges. He just wishes he could have seen the wind changes back in the days when he could see! He recently got involved in cadet shooting through his son James, who also attended Epsom. He now gets a real kick out of helping and encouraging young shooters – the future of our sport. Andrew knows his way to Johannesburg from Heathrow quite well. He is a captain flying Boeing 747’s for Virgin Atlantic and is looking forward to seeing rather more of South Africa than just Sandton City. He leaves behind Alison, his long suffering wife, to look after Tom, James’ younger brother, who also knows one end of a rifle from another but would rather play a game with an oddly shaped ball and H shaped goal posts.