Nick has been shooting since it excused him from games at school. He was picked for the Athelings team of 1976, along with 2 other team members, Stephen Penrose, and David Richards. He and Stephen then went to Cambridge to study as vets. He first made a GB team in 1983 and has shot at international level since. During that time he has collected 19 Queens final badges, being 2nd in 2004, and 17 Grand Agg crosses. Apart from Target Rifle, Nick is also a keen Match Rifle shooter, winning the Hopton 4 times and being the current record holder. He is also the current captain of the English match rifle team. In recent years Nick has been concentrating on coaching rather than shooting, and has coached the ‘Big Five’. He has considerable experience of shooting in South Africa, having been there with the Palma team in 1999, and the GB team in 2006. Away from shooting Nick is the managing partner of a large veterinary practice in Berkshire, is married to Jo, a doctor with the police, has 2 teenage kids and a cat.