Bill is a teacher of mathematics and computer science at St. Bede’s, an independent school in East Sussex. Teaching is his second career, having spent over 20 years in the IT industry in a variety of roles. Of the two careers, he believes that teaching is, by far, the more rewarding and the long holidays don’t hurt! Whilst Bill has been overseas with eight Great Britain teams as both a shooter and a coach, this will be his first tour with England and his second to South Africa, having traveled there in 1998 in the lead-in to the 1999 Palma match. That tour in 1998 was also Bill’s last overseas tour, since he and Carol adopted two children shortly thereafter and touring overseas took a significantly lower priority. Bill is very grateful to his family for ‘letting him out’ again, although Carol has said that he ‘owes her big time’, especially since he is missing their 20th wedding anniversary whilst in South Africa!