This tour marks Dr Parag’s 13th at senior international level and 4th to South Africa. Accomplished in both team and individual shooting, Parag has competed in winning teams in all Big Five fullbore matches, gained gold and silver medals at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in 2006 and has won the Bisley Grand Aggregate twice. He is looking forward to defending both the South African Grand Agg and Championship from his visit in 2008, not least from the rest of the England team! Having recently finished off his consultancy exams, Parag and his wife Urvi now have their hands full with baby Aaron. Somehow opportunity has been found for skiing perilously close to the start of this tour, all part of an altitude training regime to prepare properly for the rigours of Bloemfontein. Parag’s slice with a scalpel exceeds that with a golf club, but experience suggests that more time on the course would be unlikely to improve matters.