22 August 2019

There really is a huge range of wildlife to be glimpsed on and around the range here at Connaught.

There is an Osprey’s nest on a telegraph pole on the way to the base here, a few days ago, a racoon was seen on a wall nearby and within 100 yards reside “Mother Turkey” and her brood of chicks.

The highlight for Mr Postle – our budding amateur naturalist was a bear’s bottom, spotted crossing in front of his bus, we are promised that it was attached to the rest of the animal!

The Groundhogs seem to be doing well, some obviously need to think about a diet. The Canada Geese are busily fertilising firing points, paths and parade grounds – from the looks of their droppings, they are not exactly on the verge of starvation.

English and Welsh teams held a joint reception for our fellow competitors last night. We greeted visitors from the US, the West Indies, the Athelings and of course our Canadian friends.

As you would expect, Pimms was the order of the evening. Lots of it. As we walked back to our classroom we were entertained by a lightning display in the distance that matched that which we admired on the way to the range from the hotel that morning. A few of the team got slightly damp on first detail, but only from a little drizzle.

Our shooting today consisted of two 2/10 shoots at 600x. 16 50’s were scored between us. A steady breeze enabling reasonably high scoring generally.

We put in three teams for the Outlander match in the afternoon. Teams of 5 shooters in a Queen’s II shoot. We saw an 11 o’clock wind, steadily increasing throughout the afternoon, occasionally challenging the coaches when it swung through zero and came in from the right. As a “rehearsal” for the Canada Match, it was ideal, and assisted in team selection for tomorrow’s afternoon activity.

Teams from Wales and a US goodwill team also competed. Thanks to Mike Creber from Guernsey for his invaluable register keeping for us throughout the afternoon and also to a pair of CLIM cadets who registered for the US on our behalf.

We await the final results of the Match, but suspect that one of our teams won it!

Management met for Canada team selection prior to announcing after supper who would be asked to achieve various team tasks tomorrow afternoon.

Outlanders in the Outback
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