Jamie Allum

Jamie Allum started shooting when he was 10 on air rifle, before moving onto .22 when he joined Wellington College in 2007. In 2008/9 academic year he began shooting full bore and since then has shot in a winning Ashburton team (2012), shot for University of London Rifle Club, North London Rifle Club and more recently was invited to join the English Lions squad, after having applied in 2018 after two good years of Imperial shooting. A teacher by trade, he always enjoys learning new things and then being able to try and pass this knowledge on to the next generation. As a side role, Jamie assists Wellington College with Coaching for full bore. Jamie has learnt a lot in the past year, especially from his time as a Lion, and is excited to be going to Canada to represent England this year. Fun fact: Jamie loves thunderstorms and will go and film them if they’re local to him.