Archie Whicher

General Archibald Cakeeater started his shooting career in Canada during the Seven Years War (aka Athelings). Having emerged victorious, he proceeded to spend some time at Horseguards (aka London University) and a second tour of duty in South Africa during the Boer war (aka Old Guildfordians South Africa tour). He enjoyed his tour of South Africa and could frequently be heard scoffing at the Zulus and wrestling rhinos with his bare hands. Archie is looking forward to wrestling some bears in Canada. After his tours of duty, he retired to look after the home guard (aka Berkshire County) and young recruits (aka RGS Guildford – winners of this year’s Schools’ competition).

Outside shooting, Archie enjoys sitting in his armchair with a pipe and slippers whilst watching Love Island. Archie is a keen bingo player at his local village hall where he woos the ladies of the parish with his war wounds.