23rd August 2019

Today everyone woke up with nerves running slightly higher than other days, as today it was not only the final shoot of the Grand Aggregate but also the Canada match. The Gatineau, sounding more like a cake than a competition, is a pretty mean end to a grand, as it’s a 2 and 15 at 900m. Scores ranged dramatically as the wind had been particularly difficult but in the end David Calvet emerged victorious, winning the Grand Aggregate.

It was then a quick lunch (it must be noted that after all the bread-related catastrophes of the past week, the Captain finally had two whole loaves of sourdough all to himself) before we all assembled at 300yards ready for the start of the Canada match and the U25 short range match. Before the match started the range officer wished happy birthday to Harriet over the tannoy, as she turned 19 today. Then target 14 was raised in the butt’s and across the target face was written “Happy Birthday Hattie” huge letters. This was all masterminded by Lucinda, Katherine and Bobby-Rae (our favourite range officer), and absolutely made Harriet’s day!

The Canada match was a close affair with England only ahead by 2 V bulls after 500yards, but thankfully they widened the gap to take the win at 600yards. It was great shooting all round, especially from Chris Mitchell who went clean at all distances and was top gun on the range. The England U25s also won their competition under the fantastic captaincy of Saxon, beating the Canadians by 4 points. A celebratory birthday cake was in order by the time we got back to the class room, with everyone breathing a huge sigh of relief.

In the evening the Captain, Vice, Adjutant and special guest Ellie went to the McDonald Stewart dinner for a lavish buffet while the rest of us slummed it “Mario’s” or the bar next door. Most people had an early night in preparation for the Commonwealth Match, U25s long range match and Governor General final, all happening tomorrow.

The Canada match
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