Wednesday 4th

Today was our first full day of R&R in Tobago. We had thought about guided tours of the island but decided that each car should take a map and explore for themselves.

We first headed for the aptly named Englishman’s bay. Here we were treated to a beautiful movie scene of a beach complete with palm tree hammocks and a small shack serving food, drinks and souvenirs. Several of the team took the opportunity to swim in the strong surf while others explored the beach and adjacent rock pools.

Some of the team grabbed a snack at the shack while the other cars headed on further around the coast. We reconvened for lunch at the locally recommended Suckerhole bar. This was another unassuming beach side shack. When 15 of us arrived the waitress appeared somewhat panicked to have such a rush and the menu was limited to either fish, chicken or burger. This deceptively simple menu however, was a preluded to some of the best food this diarist has eaten. Perhaps it was the location, the simplicity or the atmosphere but the food truly was stunning.

After lunch we headed to Argyle falls; a series of water falls and rock pools that are renowned as one of Tobago’s top attractions. Sadly with the recent bad weather the water was too murky to swim but the falls themselves were awesome. Several of the team, including our Captain, took the opportunity to climb the winding path up the falls that at times was sheer slippery rock with only a rope to help guide you. After a great deal of effort we reached the top and although now quite muddy and seriously sweaty. IT WAS WORTH IT! Standing at the top we had a great view of the tumbling falls working their way down and could see at the bottom, those of the team who hadn’t braved the climb.

After a lot of photo and selfie taking we began the somewhat treacherous climb back down and arrived back at the cars pleased not to have fallen to our deaths. By this point it was getting close to the end of the day and we made our way back to the hotel around the other side of the island stopping off at Fort Granby, a rocky outpost to enjoy a stunning sunset.

Back at the hotel it was time for Sundowners, this time in the Vice Captain’s room before heading out to dinner on the beach at the aptly named Waves restaurant.

Wednesday 4th October