Following to handing over of the English Twenty Clubhouse to the NRA, an agreement has been reached with the City Rifle Club for the use of their club house by members of the English Twenty Club.  The full text of this agreement dated May 2018 is shown below:

The agreement has been approved by Executive Members of both clubs and is upon payment of the agreed annual subscription of (currently) £400 p.a.

All members and officers of the English Twenty Club will have access to the City RC clubhouse, toilet facilities and bar during normal Club opening times.

When CRC are running the Easter Meeting then the Clubhouse will open, otherwise, it will open the weekend following Easter and will close during the month of October, dependent upon anticipated use by its members. By arrangement with the City RC Exec., the Clubhouse may be opened outside of these times for any special occasion.

Only fully paid-up CRC members have access to the Armoury. One Exec officer (likely, the Hon Sec) of the English Twenty Club will be permitted entry to the Armoury to access the English Twenty Club locker/s.

The English Twenty Club may hang selected pictures and photographs in the bar area. Locations to be agreed.

The English Twenty Club may erect and maintain (at their cost) Honours Boards to the ceiling panels in the Bar area. Location and method of fixing to be approved by City RC Exec.

The English Twenty Club will supply an approved patern Notice Board to be fixed to the RHS of the clubhouse front doors, on the verandah elevation. Method of fixing to be approved by City RC Exec.

The English Twenty Club may install an approved size cabinet for files/merchandise etc. in the Armoury. Location will be the room opposite the Magazine.

Entries to the English Twenty Club Club Championship and Varley may be made ‘over the bar.’

Any disputes will be resolved between specified members of the Clubs Executive Committees. Should a dispute lead to termination of the agreement then all items belonging to the English Twenty Club shall be removed and all making-good following same, shall be to the entire satisfaction of the CRC Exec and any costs settled by the English Twenty Club.

City RC has a wall-mounted TV in the dining area that may be used to advertise various Meetings Dates and Match Results Etc. This will only be operated by approved members of City RC and English Twenty Club.

This agreement will be revisited annually and amended as required by both parties.