The English Twenty Club Yearbook is the club’s primary annual publication for the benefit of its members. It serves to regularly update the club’s own records with results and representations in all of our annual matches both at club and national level. It also provides members with updates about the club’s progress from the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Finally it also provides a list of members within each district and discipline. For reasons of security and data protection, the list of members’ names is not stored on the website and is only available in the printed version of the yearbook, a copy of which can be obtained from the Secretary at a cost of £4.  Any member paying for such a printed copy by bank transfer is requested to ensure the payment code “YBK” is shown in the payment reference.

The current Yearbook for 2019 can be found here.

2019 Yearbook Articles

  • Club Information
  • Fixtures for 2019
  • President’s Report for 2018
  • Accounts for 2018
  • Treasurer’s Report for 2018
  • Secretary’s Report for 2018
  • Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2018
  • English Twenty Club Spring Meeting 2018
  • The Club Championship 2018
  • The Varley 2018
  • National Match 2018
  • Mackinnon Match 2018
  • Lawrence Match 2018
  • European Long Range Match 2018
  • U25 Home Countries Invitation Match 2018
  • CSF Championships 2018
  • England Tours 2018
  • English Twenty Club vs RAFTRC 2018
  • English Twenty Club vs UK Armed Forces 2018
  • English Twenty Club vs Welsh XX Club 2018
  • Kolapore Match 2018
  • 300m 2018
  • Gallery Rifle 2018

Past Yearbooks

2018   2017   2016   2015

Editions prior to 2015 can be obtained by contacting the webmaster via email at

England Rolls

Whilst the Yearbooks above contain lists of members who have represented England or the Club for various teams since 2000, there is a single document, updated annually, providing information on who has represented England (or the Club) in the following matches covering approximately 100 years:

European LR Championships
Lawrence Match
The National Match
Touring Teams

This document can be viewed using the link below (as well as being in the Historical Records section of the web site). This version has been updated in March 2019 to include records for 2018. Please send any comments or omissions to

England Rolls 2018