The English Twenty Club awards jewels to encourage competition between individuals within both districts and divisions. It is up to each individual district or division to decide how their jewels should be competed for.

The number of jewels is determined by the membership in the preceding year (by the number of life members, plus the number of annual subscriptions received from the District Superintendent by the Honorary Membership Secretary). In each district or division having 12 members a bronze jewel is awarded; for each additional 12 members, a further jewel is awarded. If a district or division qualifies for more than one jewel, one is silver; if more than five jewels, two are silver. For example, a District with a membership of 72 is entitled to two silver and four bronze jewels. In each district a further bronze jewel is awarded for young or novice shooters.

Only life members and members who have paid their subscriptions for the current year prior to their jewel shoot are eligible to take a jewel. They may only shoot for jewels in the district or division in which they are registered.

Those registered for the 300 metre Division in addition to a district may shoot for both sets of jewels, but may only win one jewel in any year. A member who, after the first of the two jewel shoots, qualifies for a jewel must elect whether to accept that jewel before the competition for the second.

Jewels should be shot for before 31 October each year, with conditions arranged locally. Wherever possible, the competition should be held on a range within the district.

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