District Superintendent Responsibilities


  • Attend the District Superintendents’ Meeting during the Imperial Meeting.
  • Elect the District Superintendents’ representative on Council.
  • Organise an appropriate competition for the award of the District Jewels.


  • Promote the Club in the County Association, rifle clubs, cadet units and schools within the District Superintendent’s District with a view to increasing membership
  • Ascertain the number of printed copies of the Yearbook required for members in their District and notify the Editor accordingly.  Collect the fee from those members requiring a printed version of the Yearbook.
  • Collect subscriptions from annual paying members and recommending payment by standing order where possible.  Pass all collected subscriptions to the Membership Secretary by the Spring Prize Meeting, if possible.
  • Notify the Membership Secretary of any transfers into or out of the District, changes of address etc.
  • Notify the Membership Secretary of the names of the District Jewel winners by October of each year.
  • Effect communication with those members not on email and to circulate, where necessary, such items as the Club newsletter etc.

English County Rifle Championship for the King George V Challenge Cup

  • Liaise with the other District Superintendents in their Group and agree arrangements with the organising District Superintendent.
  • In turn, organise the running of the Heat in accordance with the rules of the competition.  Ensure that the Match fees collected and scorecards are returned to the Competitions Secretary in the standard advised format immediately on completion of the Match.
  • It is the District Superintendent’s responsibility to ensure that all members of the team shooting in the Area Heat are fully paid up members of the Club at the time that the Heat is shot.  Fielding a non member in the team would result in disqualification of the District concerned.

National, Mackinnon and UK Armed Forces Matches

  • Recommend suitable candidates for consideration for team selection for any of these Matches to the respective Captain or Adjutant.
  • Ensure that all potential candidates for the National Match have entered the Club Championship.
  • Suggest worthy candidates for the captaincy of these matches to the DS representative on Council who will then pass this on to the VP’s selection committee.

Version Updated November 2016

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