Officers of the Club


To be announced


M.E. Barr

Past President

Prof. A.R. Horrocks, SC2

Dr R. Pizer*

Vice Presidents

C.M. Brooks*

S.J. Comins*

A.J.C.B. de Launay*

P. Merry, GC*

K.O. Pugh, SM*

R.P. Rosling, GM*

A.J.D. Saunders*

*Executive Past President / Vice-President


Elected Members (to year indicated)

2024: M.R. Fugeman, T.G. Rylands SC, G. Trembath

2025: G.P. Nelson, S.N.S. Penrose

2026: Mrs L.E. Haley, M. Liversage

Representatives of:

The Combined Services: TBA

Territorial Army and Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting: T.G. Rylands

British Young Shooters Association: A. Sadler

Honorary Secretary

A.J. Leech

Honorary Membership Secretary

G.P. Nelson

Honorary Treasurer

J.R. Tuck


T.G. Rylands SC

Representative of District Superintendents Group

S.N.S. Penrose

300 Metre Divisional Superintendent

S.J. Carter

EPA Divisional Superintendent

J. Warner

F Class Divisional Superintendent

D.N. Kent

Gallery Rifle Divisional Superintendent

N.J. Francis


Non-Council Roles

Liaison Officer to Police

A.J. Leech

Under 25 Representative


Spring Meeting Organisers

T.G. Rylands SC (Chairman)

Mrs. L.E. Haley

 Competitions Secretary

Mrs. L.E. Haley

Editor of Yearbook

S.N.S. Penrose

Independent Examiner

Position Vacant – TBD

Council of the National Match

Honorary Secretary: Dr R. Pizer

The following represent England on the Council of the National Match:

The Captains of the National and Mackinnon teams and the President or their nominee


English Target Shooting Federation

Chairman: P. Underhill

Honorary Secretary: D. Goodfellow

The following represent the Club on the English Target Federation Shooting Council: A.J.D. Saunders

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