Joining the English Twenty Club

Joining the English Twenty Club has a number of benefits, the foremost of which is eligibility for selection for England teams that are under the governance of the club such as the National, Mackinnon and Gallery Rifle Home countries match. Membership will also allow you to represent your county team in the King George the V cup, compete for Jewels with other individuals in your county and be eligible for the English XX club teams. Membership entitles you to wear the club blazer and tie as well as to have a say in the direction of the club via the clubs Annual General Meeting.

There are a number of different membership options including; Under 25 member, Life Member and Annual Member. The current annual membership subscription is just £15 per annum.

Membership of the English Twenty Club is currently open to all those who are subjects of The Sovereign and who are eligible to shoot for England according to the present National Match rules which are as follows:

  • Country of birth or
  • Descent from parents or grandparents who were qualified by country of birth or
  • Country of residence for a continuous period of not less than 5 years.

New candidates for membership must be proposed and seconded by existing members of the club using the membership form which can be downloaded below. This should be submitted along with a completed standing order form for your membership fee to your county district superintendent or to the membership secretary. For more information about who and what the club is, feel free to explore this website and download the club’s information leaflet.

Eng XX Club Information Leaflet

Eng XX Membership Form

Eng XX Standing Order Form