The English XX vs. the RAFTRC is a series of two matches usually held around the middle of May each year at Bisley. The other home countries often take part and the matches are held over the National match course of fire at short range and the Mackinnon match course of fire at long range. Although this is a club match not an England match the teams are selected by that year’s National and Mackinnon captains with the help of their respective adjutants. Each captain is free to choose his or her team as they see fit but the majority of captains use this as an opportunity to try out un-capped or once capped shooters and coaches who may be potential candidates for their teams later in July. Captain’s will often directly invite individuals they are aware of or will contact county district superintendents and captains to try and discover potential new talent in each county.

The results of the matches held in 2019 over the weekend of 18th and 19th May are below:

RAF Match Short Range 2019

RAF Match Long Range 2019

Results from past years can be found in the relevant Yearbook, copies of which can be found under the Members menu item.

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