Child Protection in Shooting Statement


The English Twenty Club supports the aims of Sport England and UK Sport in dealing with the protection of children in sport (children being all those under the age of 18 years), the elimination of Sexual Harassment, and the promotion of Equality of Opportunity (Equity). To this end it supports the guidance given by the Great Britain Target Shooting Federation on all these issues.

Protection of Children in Shooting

The English Twenty Club will use its best endeavours in the course of its activities to seek to safeguard children from forms of child abuse. All members who may be involved in working with shooters under the age of 18 should be aware of the different types of abuse which exist, and of the need to avoid putting themselves in situations where their own behaviour could be called into question.

Sexual Harassment

The English Twenty Club supports a “zero tolerance” approach to all forms of sexual harassment in the conduct of shooting, coaching and team selection. Members should be aware of what constitutes sexual harassment and be committed to the elimination of such behaviour.

Equal Opportunity (Equity)

The English Twenty Club believes that there should be equality of opportunity to participate in shooting disciplines within the jurisdiction of the Club and for individuals to fully recognise their potential whether as shooters, officials, coaches or administrators. Members should encourage the entry into the sport of individuals regardless of sex, ethnic origin, disability or age, the only restrictions on participation being that the people concerned should act lawfully, safely and with due respect for others and (having regard to the objects of the Club) be qualified within the rules of the Club to shoot for England.


All these aims require an awareness of the issues involved, and a preparedness to challenge incidents that may be incompatible with these statements. The Great Britain Target Shooting Federation has produced practical information and guidance notes for member organisations including the English Twenty Club. In support of the above policies the English Twenty Club Council has adopted the GBTSF guidance notes for circulation to District Superintendents. The notes and this statement are available from the Honorary Secretary.


The guidance notes lay emphasis on the need to report difficulties or concerns to the appropriate authority. Any member may, in strict confidence, refer difficulties or concerns to the Honorary Secretary of the Club or to the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Club, or to any officer of an overseas team should the concerns occur during an official tour.

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