Dear Member,
Like last year, this newsletter has been sent out as a notification of its being available as a download from the website. Once again, for those not on email, I would ask District Superintendents to attempt to circulate their “e-less” members with hard copies…many thanks. In addition, we would ask any member who has changed his or her address recently and has not alerted the Membership Secretary, to do so immediately and, if he/she is now on email, to inform the Club of this please.

We run the Club with volunteers and so try to make each job as simple as possible. For example, my job as Hon Secretary is greatly helped by having a Minutes Secretary, Carol Painting, who services Council meetings and the AGM. This will also be the second year that we have had the benefit of a Competitions Secretary, David Painting. David will again be organising the KGV Heats and Final and also the Club Competitions which run parallel with the Grand Aggregate competitions at the Bisley Annual meeting in 2009. For those wishing to contact him, you can email from here.

Ordinary Members of Council

The members retiring by rotation during 2009 are T G Rylands, P Sykes and N W Penn. While each is willing to stand again, may I thank them for their efforts during their periods of office. However, nominations from other members may still be received. If you have one or more nominations to propose, please fill in and return the tear-off part of this Newsletter below.

The Club Yearbook, 2009

Once again, the yearbook for 2009 is expected to be produced ahead of the shooting season and for the first time by Mike Beecher as editor with Peter Merry undertaking proof reading – thank you all for your efforts expended. The version without members’ names will be on the web-site.

Would all members please check that their entries in the National, Lawrence, Mackinnon, Kolapore and Australia match rolls in the new yearbook are accurate and send any corrections as soon as possible to the Yearbook editor.

We are aware that the format of the yearbook is largely determined by its contents but as we have kept the cost of membership fixed at the present amount for a number of years, the costs of producing the yearbook increase year-on-year. The task of producing it does not diminish but increasingly requires greater levels of IT skills in order to take advantage of modern publishing innovations.

The Clubhouse

The Armoury: The Armoury has now been cleared of wooden cabinets and, hopefully, will be available for use by members as a separate room during the Spring and Imperial Meetings. Council will also be able to use the room when the clubhouse is generally open to members.
Armoury Roof: This is in need of repair and we expect this to have all work carried out before the Imperial meeting.
Membership Facilities Committee: This committee has led the continual improvements in service with kitchen improvements already carried out. As stated in previous Newsletters, the clubhouse can be hired for £30 per day for general club and training purposes and anyone interested should approach the Club through the Honorary Secretary or the Chairman.

England Team to South Africa, 2009

Tom Rylands is preparing for his team to go to South Africa at the end of March. SABU are celebrating their 80th anniversary this year and teams from all the Home Countries have been invited. Tom’s England team should be able to give the South Africans a close match in the Protea which GB won last year. May I take this opportunity of wishing him and his team well for a successful tour.

America Cup Team, 2008

The Team taken to Raton, New Mexico by John Webster and his adjutant James Watson was successful in that individuals shot well during the competitions preceding the America Cup match. However, the match itself was won by the USA by a comfortable margin and England was in third place:

                                                           300yds     600yds     900yds     1000yds      Total
1st  USA                                     1200.88     1195.62    1184.58      1179.50     4758.258
2nd Australia                          1992.86      1194.72    1173.45       1153.34     4712.237
3rd England                             1199.87       1196.70    1165.48      1152.29     4712.234
An X on the wrong target for England at 900 yards didn’t help! Well done John and this first visit by England to shoot in the America Cup match may anticipate future tours.

Spring Meeting 2009

This year the Spring Meeting will be held at its usual time, 23- 25th May 2009. Tom Rylands has agreed to organise the meeting again and HPS ammunition (at last year’s prices!) will be issued to competitors. Entry forms will be included in the 2009 yearbook and also be available on the web site and in the Bisley Clubs soon.

Gallery Rifle

The Club has now formed a Gallery Rifle Division which has over 10 new members and which has Chris Farr as the Division Superintendent. Full details will be in the 2009 Yearbook. The Division will have teams competing at various meetings and venues against teams from Germany, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The current match format is aggregates of the Timed & Precision One and Multi-Target events in both Gallery Rifle Small Bore and Centre Fire. For more information please see the Gallery Rifle page or

F Class and Gallery Rifle Council Co-options

Both these new Divisions lack representation at Council level and so I would ask each to nominate one of its members to become a co-opted member of Council. There are three Council meetings a year, during the Spring and Imperial Meetings and in late October. Please send names proposed by the respective discipline DS to me as soon as possible.

The National Match 2009
A message from the Captain, Dr A F Aspin
The National Match team selection process will be as normal in that the Captain and Adjutant (Peter Bromley) will be creating a long-list of members interested in having their names included for team selection. If any other member wishes to be considered, please send his/her name and shooting CV to Peter Bromley. A formal invitation will also be included in the forthcoming yearbook.

Please read the rules for eligibility on pages 36-38 in the 2008 yearbook or click here.

Note that the significant dates for England short range team matches in 2009 are:

  • RAF versus Home Countries, Bisley: Saturday 16th May 2009
  • National Match, Bisley: Thursday (pm) 23rd July 2009
  • Lawrence Match during the planned SRA Meeting, Blair Atholl, 5-7h June 2009

Certificates of Competence

Please note that the Club is not a primary club and so will not be issuing Certificates of Competence for any member who wishes to fire TR, MR, F Class or Gallery rifle disciplines on MOD ranges INCLUDING Bisley. These MUST be obtained from your primary club.

Club Auditor Vacancy

Toby Raincock has audited the Club’s financial accounts for a number of years and is no longer to undertake this task. Many thanks for all your work Toby. The Club is, therefore, looking for a replacement auditor starting in late 2009. If you are interested or know a member who is interested, please let me know.

Best wishes for the 2009 season.
Dick Horrocks, President and Honorary Secretary