Mark Todd, a current member of the English Twenty Club Lions squad, has provided his thoughts on this talent pathway initiative:

Being asked to join the Lions squad in 2017 was the beginning of an incredible journey of personal growth for me not only as a shooter but also as a person.

Over the three full weekends with Graham, Bill, Martin, Tom and a good number of world class shooters, I became solid friends with everyone, all of us united in our common passion of shooting and learning together. Our weekends were filled with insightful lectures, SCATT, equipment tests and stacks of shooting, in particular a great deal of team shooting to drill us all in the pace involved in a National match, all made excellent fun by the management team.

A lot of effort went into developing our own personal shooting process and the psychology needed to excel, this has undoubtedly improved my personal performance resulting in an marked improvement in my Imperial performance over the previous year.

Finally, training with the Lions has been such a good way of making ‘shooting at the next level’ so much easier.  Getting to know more top shooters has made the slightly unnerving experience of national shooting less of a jump which is a great way to grow confidence for the future.

I thoroughly recommend the Lions programme to everyone who aspires to be the best shooter they can be; this will be your game changer!

A Lion’s Eye View