England has been invited by the organisers of the Spirit of America Matches to attend their event in September 2024 in Raton, New Mexico, which will include an America Match.

The dates of competition are 5th September through to 13th September 2024 and include individual and team matches building up to the America Match on 13th September. The America Match comprises 4 ranges, 300, 600, 900 and 1000 yards; 2 ss & 15 to count at each range for a team of eight firers and is now regarded as one of the Big 6 matches, alongside the Palma, Australia, Kolapore, National and Mackinnon matches.

At the AGM held on Sunday 26th November, it was announced that Tom Rylands has been appointed Captain for this match and applications to join his team will be available soon.

America Match 2024 – England Captain Announced

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