Those of you following updates from the Lawrence and Mackinnon matches today will have seen the coaches making use of some exciting new kit. We are pleased to announce that the club, in partnership with our friends at the English VIII club, have purchased 8 state of the art SWATCOM Multicom wireless headsets from talking headsets. These are a significant upgrade from our existing wired set and allow the coaches and captain to discuss wind calls and match tactics comfortably whilst protecting their hearing. The benefit of wireless headsets over the older wired sets is that they allow the coaches much more freedom to move between firers on the target. It is a particular benefit for the captain and main coach who often need to move around different positions on the firing point to view the wind conditions from different perspectives or in the case of the captain move between the firing point and the rest of the team behind.

This investment is just one of many examples of how membership funds are used to support England shooting. We plan to maintain our original wired set of coaching headsets for use by the Lions Squad and English Twenty Club teams. We are also looking into the possibility of making them available for hire to county or club teams, more details of this will be announced in due course.

Matt Ensor main coach in the 2020 Mackinnon match
Nick Tremlett main coach in the 2020 Lawrence match
Chris Heales coaching
Graham Nelson plotting and Derek Lowe coaching
New wireless coaching headsets purchased!