The following have been selected to represent England in the Gallery Rifle events at the forthcoming Phoenix Meeting:

SB & CF Matches:
England Red: Gary Bowden, Keith Kilvington, Phil Wood, Jake Mossom and Keith Cox. Subs are Charles Murton (SB) and Steve Lamb (CF).

England White: David Guest, Morne Van Dalen, Jim Smith, Pete Watts and Dave Morrow. Sub is Julian Fox.

England Blue: Colin MacMichael, Chris West, Jim Starley, Jackie Lamb and Ashley Dagger. Sub is Neil Francis.

LBR & LBP Matches:
England Red (shooting both LBR & LBP): Morne Van Dalen, Pete Watts, Phil Cowling, Doug Green and Steve Lane. Sub is Graham Trimmer.

England White (LBR): Colin MacMichael, Alan Podevin, Jim Smith, Pete Matthews and Jake Mossom. Sub is Steve Lamb.

England White (LBP): Dave Guest, Gary Bowden, Paul Stockhill, Ashley Dagger and Steve Lamb. Sub is Dave Morrow.

T&P1 and Multitarget matches are bing shot concurrently with the Individual competitions.

England Gallery Rifle Teams Announced