As previously announced, Dick Winney is taking a team made up from members of the English Twenty Club and the LMRA to the West Indies this autumn. The team will shoot first in Antigua and then proceed via Tobago to Trinidad for the main West Indies Championships.

The team comprises:
Dick Winney – Eng XX & LMRA – Captain
Colin Cheshire – Eng XX – Adjutant
Trevor Bryan – Eng XX
Nigel Burnip – Eng XX
Mark Clewer – Eng XX & LMRA
Charlie Freeman – Eng XX & LMRA
Mike Fugeman – Eng XX
Richard Hirst – Eng XX
Peter Holden – LMRA
David Robinson – LMRA
Martin Schwarz – Eng XX
Gareth Thomas – LMRA

Also travelling as a non-shooter is Phil Harrison – Eng XX

West Indies Goodwill Team