12th September 2008

Another day of individual matches, and Jon Underwood was leading the Grand. We arrived for “colors” at the usual time, and picked up our target allocation for the day. We noticed that our main coach hadn’t yet arrived and assumed that the previous night’s over-refreshment was to blame. Shooting got underway, and Ed realised that he had been paired with another entertaining American, who informed him that “some days you eat the bear, but others the bear eats you” referring to his slightly hit and miss scores. In the pits, he said of one of the officials “you can always tell an old sailor, but you can’t tell them much”. Many other sayings followed, along with cowboy anecdotes and the usual political bait, which certainly wasn’t risen to.

The results for today were as follows:

J Langley7th448.25
J Webster15th447.23
S Penrose17th447.16
A Wilde20th446.28
N Tremlett23rd446.25
K Ramsey29th445.27
J Messer30th445.24
D Armstrong32nd445.23
D Luckman40th444.27
D Dyson49th444.19
J Underwood 443.28
T Rylands 443.26
J Watson 443.22
E Nuttall 443.18
H Foster 441.25
A Williams 440.23
E Welford 440.18
J Pugsley 438.26
S Kent 438.20

Pugsley would have been in 7th place with 448.27 had he not cross-fired onto David A’s target.

Day 13 (Friday) – Individual day 3