David has now been shooting for 25 years, and is certain there is still much to learn. Having invested in a new RPA, David returned to Canada with the 2006 GB Team after a twelve year break from touring. In 2007 he was part of the GB team which won the Palma trophy in Canada, and will never forget putting his last shot in the 8-ring at 12 o’clock for 448 on the first day! David started shooting at school, RGS Guildford, as a way to avoid cross-country running, but soon realised it was more than just a sports option, and would always be a major part of his life. He has now shot in Canada four times, South Africa once, and captained the first ever overseas GB Under-25 team to New Zealand in 1992. David shoots an RPA Quadlock with a Kreiger barrel.

Away from the range, David enjoys the beauty of the outdoors – rock climbing and walking over rainy hilltops – as well as renovating the Old Guildfordians’ clubhouse at Bisley, fondly known as ‘Jabba’ (the hut!).