Jane has had a number of individual shooting successes including the Grand Aggregate and the St George’s at Bisley. It might well have been more as in 2005 she came a very close second (by only one V Bull) to Jon Underwood in the Grand Aggregate and was just beaten by Zainal in this year’s HM Queen’s prize as her last to count just leaked out.

However, Jane particularly enjoys team shooting. She shoots and coaches regularly for Sussex and is looking forward to another visit to Raton. She has toured previously to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, West Indies and Zimbabwe. Jane is the only lady to have shot in all the ‘Big Five’ matches (the National, MacKinnon, Kolapore, Palma and Australia matches) as well as the America match. She has recently been appointed captain of the GB team to Canada in 2010 so is assured of extending her participation in the America Match, as one is scheduled to be held in Ottawa that year. In her spare time Jane enjoys walking and skiing – and maintains a reputation for tardy form filling and correspondence. Jane shoots both a Paramount action and an RPA 2000.