Susie started shooting 10 years ago at Epsom College (with extra tuition from her father) and has since shot for England and GB Under 25 teams at home and abroad. She has been on seven international tours to Australia, Canada, South Africa and the Channel Islands. She won her England Cap on the tour to South Africa in 2004 and first shot for England in the National Match at Bisley in 2005. Individually, Susie has made 5 of the last 6 HM Queen’s finals and collected a couple of Grand Aggregate and St George’s crosses. She has been 3 times the BUSA Ladies Champion, and had the honour of being GB Under 25 Captain in 2006. Susie shoots an RPA Quadlock with a Krieger barrel.

When not shooting, Susie works as a solicitor (or lawyer for any American reader) and enjoys music, singing and the theatre. Having worked in London for the last 2 years, Susie is looking forward to moving to Bristol this autumn to live with her fiancé, who just happens to be interested in shooting too (he is the reigning World Champion)! She is delighted to be touring to the USA for the first time.