David is currently the Individual World Champion and is looking forward to returning to Raton and attempting to repeat his 2004 performance in the “Spirit of America” matches where he won the 5 way shoot-off to claim the Individual aggregate. In the UK, David has achieved fourteen consecutive Grand Aggregate crosses (including one gold and two silver ones), thirteen George’s crosses and twelve Queen’s badges. David started shooting with Sedgemoor Target Shooting Club and has captained the Somerset county team for the last eight years. He was an Atheling in 1994 and has since toured with the GB team to Canada, the USA, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. David has two Swing Mk4s, one with a Kreiger barrel and the other with a Border.

David works for Clerical Medical in Bristol as an Actuary. In his spare time he is an avid sports player and qualified tennis coach. David competes in triathlons and half marathons as well as enjoying mountain biking, surfing, swimming and other sports.