15th September 2008

We left Raton after a hurried packing in search of greener pastures for our team dinner…we figured Raton on the Sunday night would be a little limiting so off we went to Colorado Springs. After a fabulous dinner and Hinch being hustled into giving a speech, Kelvin, determined to get the team out on the town for our last night , bundled us into taxis to a Mexican bar downtown.

Mad dancing, Table football championships and plenty of refreshment made for a good night and the party continued back at Kelvin’s room with some enthusiastic games of charades.

Needless to say most of the team emerged looking a little the worse for wear the following day and super-baggage master Stephen just about managed to organise us all and stuff kilos of empty cases into every corner of our luggage. Kelvin emerged behind dark glasses announcing that last night he had passed out on his bed fully clothed and with his contacts in!

Most of the team then went to look around the town before we headed for the airport. Of course the girls went shopping to try and mess up Stephen’s packing as much as possible!

We returned the u-haul and much to the amusement of the rental man, James  had accidentally left several voice mails from the previous night. They generally consisted of people yelling ‘quick get in the bed before he comes in’ and a snippet of the late-night security guard visit after our charades game got a little rowdy.

Then it was off to the airport, through the usual customs hassle and back to rainy England…boo hoo. David A had his birthday on the plane and a bottle of champagne arrived to celebrate the 21st occasion of his ‘21st’!

Day 16 (Monday) – The last day