1st September 2008

Our main day in Las Vegas started with a team meeting at 11am in the bar with martinis for some – a little strong for those of us who had had a late night. People were free to see the sights of the town as they felt appropriate. One group went to the Hard Rock Hotel for lunch, which turned out to involve a delightful mix of Mexican food, cocktails, loud music and huge Americans covered in tattoos.

To walk this off most people went for a wander around the main hotels, including a truly impressive fountain ballet at the Bellagio. The huge array of shops tempted some, including the Barry Manilow store for Kelvin!

As the afternoon progressed, the team slowly pottered back to the hotel. A couple of the boys then found a rather secluded swimming pool called ‘Bare’ which seemed to live up to its name and a most revealing couple of hours ensued…

Dinner involved a rather good meal on the 109th floor of the Stratosphere hotel in the revolving restaurant. Great views over the town along with excellent food rounded off the day superbly.

Before arriving in the states, we had signed up for a classic Vegas show after dinner, with some going to the Cirque du Soleil and others to a vampire show called ‘Bite’. The Cirque du Soleil lived up to its reputation and was enjoyed by all.

The vampire show was a varied affair involving some impressive gymnastics, but the plot seemed to be a little thin, apart from the need to remove clothes at any opportunity. It did become rather entertaining when Emma was dragged on to the stage by the lead vampire, but she represented the team admirably! A couple of the team went on some ridiculous spinning ride hanging off the edge of the top floor of the hotel, but dignity was (mostly) maintained at all times. While some headed to bed, the gambling pits tempted back a few stalwarts, and the biggest winner of the night was Ed who managed to win $700 on the roulette table! It remains to be seen where the proceeds are spent…

Day 2 (Monday) – Las Vegas