8th September 2008

On Monday, we left our lodgings much the same as the previous day at 0730h. The raising of the flags and the playing of the American National Anthem followed. There were a few announcements including the weather report which wasn’t promising, and then we headed over to 300 yards to start the team match. The teams were slightly different from the previous day with people grouped into their respective clubs: OCRA, LMRA, English XX, and BCRC.

The wind conditions were certainly more difficult to deal with today and this was mirrored in our scores. John W had a few unfortunate mishaps along the way; he managed to make the American for whom he was register keeping shoot 13 shots instead of the usual 12, the zip broke on his shooting jacket, and he slipped on his mat and lost points.

Despite these problems and the constant taunting of his Cambridge team mates, he managed to get the top score in his team. Webbie wasn’t the only one who had a ‘mare, Ed didn’t hear the calls for the bus and missed the lift to the pits, risking disqualification of his team. Fortunately there was a spare set of hands already down there, and the team’s target was marked.

The result of the match was as follows:

ClubTeam MemberScorePosition
LMRACoach: J Langley1573.662nd
D Luckman398.21
T Rylands393.15
J Watson390.12
A Wilde392.18
BCRCCoach: J Messer1572.545th
D Dyson397.19
S Kent389.12
E Nuttall393.12
J Underwood393.11
OCRACoach: N Tremlett1558.568th
S Penrose389.15
J Webster391.13
H Foster388.16
K Ramsey390.12
English XXCoach: N Hinchliffe1554.6210th
D Armstrong385.14
A Williams388.15
E Welford391.17
J Pugsley390.16
USA Blue (Praslick)399.25398.24396.17386.101579.761st  
USA White (Hardin)398.24394.21390.18390.201572.833rd  

On the way back from the range, the driver of the captain’s van noticed that the fuel meter was in the red. Spurred on by the reassurances of the captain, she carried on driving but unfortunately the distance between the range and our accommodation was too far, and they ran out of petrol. Thankfully they were helped out by an American F Class shooter, who had a spare can of petrol in his truck.

The team captain and Main coach went on a dining excursion to K-Bob’s in Raton, whilst the rest of the team enjoyed a pizza in the team accommodation before an early night ready for the first day of the individual matches.

Day 9 (Monday) – The Folsom Team Match